Parking services

At Vainikkala Asemaparkki there are three maintained paved parking lots nearby the station; P1, P2 and P3. Walk to station and to train is short from each of them. There are more than 150 parking spaces. Parking at ones own risk. Parking in Vainikkala is safe as Finnish customs and Finnish Border Guard are also operating in the area.

The parking lots of Vainikkala Asemaparkki are easy to find on arrival to station and they are marked in the station area guide sign.
Lots P1 and P3 are for ticket parking, tickets can purchased from a machine.
Lot P2 is for contract parking.
Lot P2 can be used for users of Easypark mobile application.

Parking is always paid in advance, so you can proceed your journey homeward as soon as you return.

By the station building there are two marked free spaces for disabled parking. Disabled parking permit is required in the car.
Near the station building there are disc parking spaces for running errands and accompanying traffic for maximum of 3 hours. Parking disc is required.

Parking is controlled by parking control of the city of Lappeenranta

Parking quick guide

Pay for the parking

Pay for the parking at the parking machine using card or coins at lots P1 and P3 or park at lot P2  using EasyPark- application or Asemaparkki parking contract.

Park in parking space

You are free to park. Please note that some spaces in lot P2 are reserved. Place the ticket inside the windscreen in a way it can be read from outside the vehicle.

Bon voyage!

Your parking is ready. Be in time for passport and customs control. If your journey prolongs, contact us and we’ll arrange extra parking time for you.

Ask more

If you wish to give us feedback or call-back please use attached form. We have service in Finnish and in English.