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Vainikkala Asemaparkki is the best choice for a traveller who wishes to combine the flexibility of a car with the ease and safety of a train on his way to Russia. Parking is easy and inexpensive at Vainikkala Asemaparkki. Vainikkala connects well with the road network and parking lots in Vainikkala Asemaparkki are located close to Vainikkala railway station.

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Combining car and train is a carefree and safe way to travel to Russia. You can drive to Vainikkala and continue by train to St Petersburg, Moscow or Vyborg and further on to anywhere in Russia.

Finnish customs and passport controls for those who enter or exit train in Vainikkala are carried out  before entering train. Russian border control is carried out while travelling by train.

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Parking services

At Vainikkala Asemaparkki there are three maintained paved parking lots nearby the station; P1, P2 and P3. Walk to station and to train is short from each of them. There are more than 150 parking spaces. Parking at ones own risk. Parking in Vainikkala is safe as Finnish customs and Finnish Border Guard are also operating  in the area.

It is paid parking, but it is inexpensive. The parking  lots of Vainikkala Asemaparkki are easy to find on arrival to station and they are marked in the station area guide sign.

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Easy and inexpensive contract parking

Choose carefree contract parking in case you need parking for a long period of time. There are also spaces with heating outlets to choose.

Parking price calculator

00.00 €

Parking machine on lots P1 and P3 operates on debit and credit cards with a micro-chip and on coins (0,20, 0,50, 1 and 2 € coins, max. 30 coins). When parking time exceeds 60 days or you park frequently ask for inexpensive contract parking.

Parking is controlled by parking control of the city of Lappeenranta.  Vainikkalan Asemaparkki Oy is not liable for possible price calculator errors.


Vainikkala Asemaparkki  can be easily reached by car from various directions. It is less than half an hour drive from Lappeenranta to Vainikkala.

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